Austin at ACL Fest: Meet Wood & Wire


As we ramp up to two weekends of Austin City Limits Music Festival we’re doing a series of spotlights on local bands playing the festival, the true presence of Austin at ACL. Today we kick off with local bluegrass quartet Wood & Wire. Lead vocalist and guitarist Tony Kamel took a few minutes to help us introduce his band and explore his experience of the festival.


ACL Fest set time: Sun. Oct. 12 at noon

What are three words that describe your band’s sound?
Original, drivin’, bluegrass.

What’s your most memorable onstage moment of 2014 so far?
The entire set we played at The Parish in Austin last month.  It was a packed house and we had just gotten home from a long tour.  We hadn’t played in Austin since February and it was our first Austin show with our new mandolin player, Billy Bright, who is just an insane player….what a killer night.

What’s your favorite memory from ACL Fests past?
My 3rd ACL in 2005.  The Allman Brothers.  Derek Trucks’ guitar solo on Freddie King’s “Woman Across the River”.  I was so pumped after the song that I just kept screaming like a crazy person after the crowd stopped applauding.  Then everyone (including the band) laughed at me.  To this day I haven’t heard a recording of that but I’d love to hear one if anyone has it.

Name three songs you can’t wait to hear at ACL Fest 2014.
Any three songs by Lake Street Dive.  Don’t miss that band.  Seriously.

What’s the one thing out-of-towners should do before leaving Austin?

 If you’re from out of state, learn how to two-step and then go dance with someone at The White Horse or The Broken Spoke. Then when you go home, teach someone else how to do it.  It’s easy and it’s a blast.  We travel all over the country and just don’t see it enough outside of Texas.

 Got any ACL Fest pro tips?

If you can ride a bike, there’s no better way to get to and from the festival.  Don’t drink and ride (or drive) though!

Author: Deborah Sengupta Stith

Deborah Sengupta Stith has been hanging out in dimly lit corners of the city soaking in the music scene for almost 20 years. Twitter: @deborific

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