Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015: together PANGEA open with surf rock

At least 100 punk fans woke up Sunday morning with the purpose and drive to get to Auditorium Shores in time for the Black Stage’s opening act. That’d be Santa Clarita, California’s Together Pangea.

“Thanks for coming early. Is anyone hungover?” singer William Keegan asked the small-batch Fun Fun Fun Fest patrons. “Me too.”

(Photo: Pooneh Ghana, Instagram: @poonehghana)

(Photo: Pooneh Ghana, Instagram: @poonehghana)

These Mohawk regulars travel well and write inspired surf rock for when your Pringles binge needs a driving beat. Live at South by Southwest in 2014, the four-piece band trolled tech parties with a tangible base of rowdy teens crowd-surfing on stoic and badged onlookers. Quick gems like the so-dumb-it’s-genius titled “Badillac” here did no such thing but prompted nodding and mouthing.

Decked out in shades, floral-printed Hawaiian shirt, a ball cap with the brim tilted upward and a shark on it, and a gold grill across his lower teeth, band centerpiece and bassist Danny Bengston welcomed walkers by with his pace and flair. He’s the band’s unraveled heart, and brings a sort of fatalist cred to Keegan’s indie rock heartthrob sunshine. You need both leaders to pull off songs like “Too Drunk To Come.”

But with mature songwriting that doesn’t insult the sensibilities of its young fans, these bros should sober up gracefully with age.

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