Title Fight maintains hardcore cred at Fun Fun Fun Fest

Kingston, PA’s Title Fight are in a rare position – they’re still embraced by the hardcore kids that were there from Day One (or as close to Day One as possible – they’ve been around since 2003) while gaining notice from more conventional indie fans. They play a shoegaze-laden form of emotional hardcore, and this combination of intense playing and flanger-stricken melodies was ideal for FFF finally getting some nice weather. Even with their crossover appeal, it was mostly the hardcore kids surfing and diving in the front. They’re the only ones NOT tired or hungover on a Sunday afternoon. Title Fight led off with their sunnily gloomy “Head in the Ceiling Fan,” but it was the faster material, especially “Rose of Sharon,” that got kids going.  Choruses would explode with mournful singing and fluorescent guitars. This is what kids who wear crewnecks with varsity lettering eat up in 2015. Can’t finish this review without mentioning some sort of Texas connection – Arthur Rizk, who’s produced the band and did their sound today, has also produced Dallas thrash crew Power Trip. PT’s very own Chris Ulsh was also watching from the sidelines, nodding in approval. Whether or not you like the band’s sonics, you have to respect their ability to work a crowd

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