Flashback Friday: Austin music scene heavies as junior high students


Today’s Austin360 cover story, Raising the next generation of Austin music enthusiaststraces the stories of several native Austinites who grew up in Austin’s music scene and are determined to keep its legacy alive. It also provides practical advice for parents who want to introduce their kids to Austin music.

We talked to Cody Cowan, general manager of the popular Red River Street club, the Mohawk and Graham Williams, one of the most successful music bookers in Texas, about their early days playing in garage bands and organizing all ages punk shows.

Cowan shared this photo from his eighth grade yearbook at Martin Junior High. Cowan appears second from the left in the picture and Williams is third from the right in the photo that was taken in 1992.

What we didn’t realize is that the young woman in the white t-shirt in the center on the photo is accomplished violinist and singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez.

“Carrie is awesome. I played bass in orchestra with her and she was always the star, even then,” fellow classmate, Michael Gottschall said this morning.

Mohawk manager Stefan Fitzgerald is also in the picture on the far right (face obscured).

And to keep the nostalgia flowing, here’s another yearbook pic courtesy of Michael Gottschall.


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