We still don’t know if Frank Ocean will perform tonight and people are losing it

Fans line up at Fair Market for a rumored Frank Ocean show on Friday, March 17, 2017.

Will he or won’t he? Twitter is ablaze with questions about whether or not Frank Ocean will perform at SXSW tonight.

People have QUESTIONS.

It’s making fans crazy!

Everyone is speculating wildly.

This warehouse at 1100 East Fifth St. is also known as Fair Market. It just so happens to be the Fader Fort credential pickup spot. A few Twitter users claim to have actual information confirming Ocean’s appearance tonight.


According to reddit, about 100 believers were lined up at Fair Market around 8:30 p.m. Friday night. But several others have taken to Twitter to shed some light on a grey situation.

One sleuth claims to have dug to the depths of the mystery and came up, well, empty.

UPDATE 9:28 P.M.: Now there’s THIS? We don’t know what to think anymore…


UPDATE 9:46 P.M.: Austin360 can confirm that the inside of the Fair Market warehouse is empty. No stage, no sound system, nothing that suggests a show will take place anytime soon, much less tonight. If you don’t believe us, take their word for it:


That doesn’t necessarily mean Frank won’t turn up somewhere else, though. Will he surprise SXSW tonight? Only time (and Twitter) will tell.

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