The coolest signs and flags spotted at weekend one of ACL Fest 2017

[cmg_anvato video=”4187029″]

Everyone knows the best way to find your friends at Austin City Limits Music Festival is to bring a flag, sign or otherwise interesting-looking object you can stack on top of a pole and carry around all day.

“I’m standing under the giant inflatable pineapple,” I remember texting to a friend one ACL Fest. The next year, it was a volleyball painted like Wilson from “Castaway.” The next year, it was a windsock shaped like a parrot. You get the picture.

Here are the best signs, flags and “here’s how to find me” objects we spotted at the first weekend of ACL Fest 2017 (and on social media). We’ll keep updating this list as we spot more.

Matt Policastro of Chicago (and Leo). John Bridges / American-Statesman

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Doing it right by #ACLFest2017

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Michael Morris of Austin with his Pokeball and Pikachu. John Bridges / American-Statesman
Mark Couvillion of Austin and McConaughey, of course. John Bridges / American-Statesman
Miguel de Jesus and Harambe. John Bridges / American-Statesman

Anna Batchik and Gabi Pulsifer of Austin









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