Floating Points entrance Mohawk crowd on Saturday

3:11 pm Sep. 12, 2016

They Entered in darkness and quietly warbled their sound in, the first few minutes. Then, the crowd Oooo and Ahhh’d when the visuals came on screen — a projection of laser-like lights drawing geometric shapes. (A digital “spirograph” if you recall your 1990s toys.) Easily one the most satisfying light shows put off in a small club show.

Floating Points headlined Saturday night at the Mohawk, part of a string of

SXSW 2016: Porches brings all the feels 

12:53 am Mar. 19, 2016

Somehow Cheer Up Charlie’s was magically protected from the rain, or something, because their evening showcase sets Friday night were running more or less on time. (Must’ve been the parachute. Probably.)

The 1am slot had Porches

SXSW 2016: Eleanor Friedberger

5:45 pm Mar. 18, 2016

Eleanor Friedberger has an unmistakable Patti Smith thing going on, and it’s not just the haircut.

Friedberger, of the Fiery Furnaces (now on hiatus), is keeping things going as a solo artist, carving out a niche for fans of 70s singer-songwriters and millennial beach rock.

It’s good stuff. Her lyrics seem intensely personal but relatable, and Icewater, the Brooklyn band backing her up, have no trouble setting into a groove.

The stage at

SXSW 2016: Bombino jam out Hotel Vegas’ backyard

4:02 pm Mar. 18, 2016

There was a big crowd and a killer age of Aquarius-style projection at Hotel Vegas’ Patio stage Thursday night. It was almost a micro festival vibe that fell right in line with the Levitation Fest

A (Very Loud) Classical Refuge at SXSW 2016

4:00 pm Mar. 18, 2016

It’s not Classical — it’s Austin’s Graham Reynolds, Justin Sherburn, Line Upon Line, Mother Falcon, Fast Forward and others, all under one roof, tucked away in the Hideout Theatre on Congress.

It’s only a block away

Nerds make you dance SXSW 2016 edition: Canada’s Royal Canoe 

12:33 pm Mar. 18, 2016

This should be a good year for Royal Canoe.

This Canadian six-piece (straight outta Winnipeg, Manitoba) has been making good music for a while now; stuff that seems like standard indie-rock, until they do something that makes you go, “Huh?”

At their early morning Canada House showcase at Friends, the band had a super elaborate stage set. Two drummers, a bunch of different synths and effects. Lead vocalist Matt Peters sings with a couple of

ACL Fest 2015: Nero not so much

5:39 am Oct. 12, 2015

Of all the electronic acts at this year’s ACL, you’d have to think Nero were the hardest for non-fans to get excited about.

There’s just something robotic about them. When the UK trio are on stage, you rarely