ACL Fest 2015: Amason is Swedish for Amazon

12:57 am Oct. 12, 2015

Amason are one of those pop bands who you can’t quite place, but later surprise you by being Swedish.

I’m no Swediphile. Those bands start off piquing your interest but tend to wear thin. This band,

ACL Fest 2015: Too early for a Knifight

5:26 pm Oct. 11, 2015

It was a stunning morning at Zilker Park for the final day of Austin City Limits Fest 2015. The fields were almost empty, the sun was shining, and up came a generous westerly breeze.

Ideal weather,

ACL Fest 2015: Moon Taxi rage … against … the machine?

12:38 am Oct. 10, 2015

Moon Taxi are a Tennessee rock band, with a polished sound, a really bad name, and enough tricks up their sleeve to make things interesting.

For a second I wondered who would even be attracted to the Austin Ventures stage while, right next door, Run The Jewels’ was stampeding off to another banger of a set. That is, until you remember that not everyone’s into southern rap.

Moon Taxi definitely worked for