The Head and the Heart synchronize with the sunset at ACL Fest

8:05 pm Oct. 8, 2017

Sunset and the Head and the Heart are a good match. When the Seattle indie-folk band played the Austin City Limits Music Festival in 2014, their set was slightly earlier in the afternoon, but this time, the sun went down right in the middle of their splendid hourlong set on the American Express Stage.

They were looking right at it as they played, and frontman Jonathan Russell took note. “I know

8 fun facts learned about Whitney at ACL Fest

6:30 pm Oct. 8, 2017

Easy-breezy, high-pitched-singing Chicago indie-folk act Whitney brought the mellow to ACL Fest during their Sunday afternoon set. Their sunny, lightly psych-spiced pop felt like a ray of sunshine from a time capsule buried long ago. Here are eight things learned about the band from that set.

They have a drummer as a vocalist.
While I’d normally say a drummer as a vocalist is a big red flag (I’m looking at you,

ACL Fest: Meet the Middle Kids you can’t help but love

5:47 pm Oct. 8, 2017

Middle Kids’ singer and guitarist Hannah Joy’s outfit—black leather combat boots and a bright turquoise skirt (featuring a subtle beer can print)—pretty well encapsulated the band’s sound: a little bit of country sweetness to spike a tall glass of alt-rock edge. The Australian rockers have only an EP to their name, but, if their Sunday afternoon ACL Fest 2017 set is any indication, we’ll be hearing more from them soon.