Brutal Aussie crooner Kirin J Callinan transcends

12:56 pm Mar. 22, 2015

Kirin J Callinan may be the devil, but he seems like someone you’d like to have over for a dinner party. With a Cheshire Cat grin he appeared in a comically thick cloud of smoke at the start of his midnight Sunday set at Red Eyed Fly. He sort of looks like Nic Cage, but maybe that’s just the appearance he chooses to take for me.

Kirin was shirtless with

Smallpools serves pure synth-pop to SXSW

2:39 am Mar. 22, 2015

Smallpools’ SXSW set at IFC Fairgrounds on Saturday night started with a little mayhem: Frontman Sean Scanlon’s keyboard stopped working halfway through their first song, and guitarist Mike Kamerman said he broke a string on-stage for