Love songs: Katy Perry-approved R&B piano man Kevin Garrett

11:58 pm Mar. 21, 2015

After spending far too much time for my own health on Sixth Street over the past few days, I ventured north to St. David’s, which seemed about as far away from Sixth Street as one could get by only walking two blocks. Up some stairs and through a room with divine-smelling chili cheese fries and ice-cold draft beer (“Am I back on Sixth? No, these bathrooms are much too nice.”)

Atlanta wunderkind Raury, 18, is one to watch after SXSW

7:57 pm Mar. 21, 2015

As SXSW 2015 draws to a soggy close, the lack of buzz about one artist in particular has left me perplexed. Why the heck aren’t more people talking about Raury?

The 18-year-old Atlanta singer/rapper dropped his first mixtape,

Joywave reaches for the stars

7:08 pm Mar. 21, 2015

Joywave is sitting on a gold mine. After being featured on a smash hit, Big Data’s “Dangerous,” the Rochester indie rockers have a second chance to break through to the big leagues with the infectious “Tongues” featuring DJ KOOPS. But both of those singles’ titles are followed by the word “featuring.” How does the band fare on their lonesome? I was curious, so I headed to the Pandora Discovery Den

Twin Peaks ‘prays for your heart and your soul’

3:17 pm Mar. 21, 2015

By Xander Peters

Friday night, as the rain water collected in the wide brims of hipsters’ hats in the backyard of Bar 96 on Rainey Street, the bad weather did little to phase those in attendance for Twin Peaks, a Chicago-based indie act. It was going to take a lot more than a drizzle to keep music-goers at bay from one of the most buzzed about bands at this year’s South

SXSW Interview: On the Spot with Irene Diaz

2:14 pm Mar. 21, 2015

It’s easy for some artists to get drowned out in the noise of more than 2,000 official acts at South by Southwest. So when a singer creates an atmosphere where you can truly be present,

Scene report: Metal at SXSW on Friday

11:42 am Mar. 21, 2015

By Andy O’Connor

SXSW is a boon for some, and a disaster for others. There are just some moments in life where, to put it simply, nothing goes your way. Imagine having all your money and belonging stolen in Dallas on your way to SXSW. That’s the fate that befell Chicago’s Harms Way, outside of a Guitar Center, no less. Despite that setback, they made it down to Austin to play

Macaco moves fans to dance, sing in rain

11:20 am Mar. 21, 2015

Armed with umbrellas, rain coats and ponchos, enthusiastic festivalgoers didn’t let the wet stuff get in the way of making their South by Southwest experience memorable at the outdoor midnight showcase with Spanish international pop