Levitation organizers update 2016 refund info, promise to return in 2017

Carson Creek Ranch suffered significant storm damage following Levitation cancellation. Courtesy of Carson Creek Ranch
Carson Creek Ranch suffered significant storm damage following Levitation cancellation. Courtesy of Carson Creek Ranch

At the end of April, Levitation Festival 2016 was washed out in the severe storms that swept through Central Texas this spring. Threatening weather led Travis County officials to cancel the festival less than 24 hours before the gates were set to open.  The storms arrived later than predicted, but Carson Creek Ranch, where the festival was set to take place, sustained significant damage.

The festival was able to reschedule some shows in clubs, but fest-goers who traveled to Austin for the event were frustrated when many tickets were snapped up in open online sales by folks who never planned to attend Levitation.

At the time of the cancellation, Levitation organizers estimated the refunds would take 30 days, but in late May they reported delays. “Many events have financial backing, from investors or parent companies, which can be tapped into to immediately refund money. Levitation is an independently owned event, and the cancellation has been an unprecedented blow for the tiny company and record label that organizes it, The Reverberation Appreciation Society,” organizers said in a statement.

Yesterday, organizers posted an update to the Levitation site promising refunds would begin processing on July 5.

“We realize this has taken much longer than our initial estimates, and far longer than anyone had hoped,” organizers wrote in the post. “We’re sorry for the situation, it’s not one that we ever expected to be in, or wanted to see our customers go through. The cancellation and subsequent insurance process has been an extremely difficult time and we’re very grateful to those all those who have shown us patience and understanding through the situation.”

Organizers also promised that Levitation, which now hosts a series of festivals around the world will return to Austin next year. “In 2017 the festival will be back, and better than ever,” they wrote in the post. “We look forward to the festival in Austin next year, and a great year of events. Stay tuned for the good news.”

Whether our young friends from around the world will return remains to be seen.




Author: Deborah Sengupta Stith

Deborah Sengupta Stith has been hanging out in dimly lit corners of the city soaking in the music scene for almost 20 years. Twitter: @deborific

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