SXSW: Welcome back to Austin, Snoop Dogg, Trump’s favorite rapper

South By Southwest and drop-in visits from rap star Snoop Dogg – almost as dependable as death and taxes.

His Austin visits are certainly way more fun. This year, the Doggfather’s visit on Thursday comes after President Donald Trump took to tweeting about him Wednesday morning.

Photo by Tina Phan.

Trump fired back after the Lavender featuring Kaytranada and Snoop Dogg video “BADBADNOTGOOD” video showed a clown  president “Ronald Klump” in the Clown House announcing that he wants to deport all Doggs.

Klump looks like Trump and later in the video Snoop is shown assassinating Klump with a Looney Toons-esque gun that unfurls the word “Bang.”

On Wednesday morning, Trump responded to the song on Twitter:


And so, Snoop Dogg arrives at SXSW amid this news storm that has made to to NPR, Associated Press, Fox News and more. He’s partnered up with Reddit, the Twitch video platform and (here’s a shock) Merry Jane, the marijuana-focused digital platform he launched in 2015.

(Aside; hey Internet, can someone recut the “Plastics… that’s where the money is” scene from “The Graduate” so Mr. McGuire is saying “platforms” instead of “plastics”? Seems like platforms are where all the real money is these days.)

If the weed cloud that’ll be hanging over West Sixth Street on Thursday night isn’t precise enough, the man born Calvin Broadus took to Reddit (on brand!) today to announce that event will take place at the Rio nightclub at an undisclosed time and feature a showing of his “Coolaid” documentary, performances by two of his protégé music acts, and a performance by the man himself.

But there’s more! The first 20 people who show the Reddit post on their phone get in “for the VIP performance,” though there’s no clarification on what that entails.

This is of course the latest of many high-profile SXSW stops, including a keynote speech and a performance at the dually loved/hated and now departed Doritos Bold Stage.

Welcome back, dear homie.

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