Couple posts ridiculously cute ACL Fest pictures that show their relationship over the years

[cmg_anvato video=”4186762″]

One couple has been to Austin City Limits Music Festival three years in a row and took the same picture at different stages in their relationship — dating, engaged and married.

Audreana Dutton posted the pictures of her and her husband Peter Dutton on Twitter after weekend one of ACL Fest 2017 with the caption, “Our @aclfestival tradition is going strong. I guess we are too!!”

The first ACL Fest picture was taken only a few days after the couple started dating. “We took the first picture to celebrate it,” she said.

Audreana said they vowed to keep the ACL Fest and picture tradition going as long as they were together. “It just so happens that every ACL together, so far, was a different milestone in the relationship,” she said.

We think the married duo is officially an ACL Fest power couple. “We are best friends more than anything, and we both love music festivals,” Audreana said. “So, ACL will be a tradition we keep up even after we’re blessed with kids of our own to bring along.”

We’re already looking forward to their 2018 festival picture.

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