Ethan Hawke, Charlie Sexton form new record label with Louis Black

Actor Ethan Hawke has teamed up with Austin guitar hero/super producer Charlie Sexton and Louis Black, co-founder of the Austin Chronicle and South by Southwest, to form a new record label.

Ben Dickey, left, and Ethan Hawke play to a small crowd in the Gibson guitars showroom in Austin March 14, 2018. Dickey stars in “Blaze,” which Hawke directed. The film screened at South by Southwest on March 16. JAMES GREGG/AMERICAN-STATESMAN

The new label will be called SexHawkeBlack, a somewhat unfortunate moniker that the Hollywood Reporter (who broke the story) reports the three “jokingly” came up with while promoting the movie “Blaze.”

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Hawke co-wrote and directed “Blaze,” a biopic about Austin musician Blaze Foley. Sexton starred in the movie as Foley’s friend, Texas music legend Townes Van Zandt, and Black was an executive producer on the film.

The Hollywood Reporter says “the group became involved with ‘Blaze star’ Ben Dickey’s new recordings and found themselves wanting to promote their friend’s style of folk, country and blues music.”

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They released a three-song EP on Tuesday with a full-length album due out in January. The album was recorded at Arlyn Studios early this year. The label will operate in conjunction with the Nashville-based Dualtone label. We will have a review of the EP in Peter Blackstock’s On the Record column later this week.


Author: Deborah Sengupta Stith

Deborah Sengupta Stith has been hanging out in dimly lit corners of the city soaking in the music scene for almost 20 years. Twitter: @deborific

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